Safe Buying 101: Dial Lock or Digital Lock?

When securing valuables, it’s important to maximize your safe’s security with a lock accommodating for your lifestyle. While combination locks are included as base safe features, digital lock installments typically cost between $100 and $175. Price matters, but it’s normally reflective of equal qualities. For this reason, it’s best to select a lock based upon your lifestyle needs. Examine the guide below:

The Dial lock

Dial Combination Lock

Dial locks are incredibly classic, but they’re still widely used today. Carrying a very low failure rate, successful dial locks are indispensable security resources.

The Pros

Dial locks don’t require batteries to change. Due to their mechanical design, they’re also (more…)

Lagard LG Basic II Digital Electronic Lock Instructions

Hi, Dye the Safe Guy here, manager of Safe & Vault Today we’re going to talk about the Lagard Basic II Digital Electronic Lock. Many of our safe manufacturers use this very popular lock, manufactured in Lexington, Kentucky. It’s one of the staples of the digital electronic lock business. The Lagard Basic is a single user lock. It has a 6 digit combination that you can program at any time that you want. It also features a lock out feature where if you have a wrong entry 4 times, it will lock someone out for 5 minutes. This is a (more…)

History of Locking Mechanisms

Have you ever wondered about the history of locks? Safes and locks are about as old as mankind has had a need to protect possessions and have a long and interesting history of innovation. Though there’s some debate about the oldest known lock most experts agree it’s at least several millennia old and even resembled a modern tumbler lock in some aspects. Here we’ll look at the beginning of locking mechanisms and how they have changed throughout time to arrive at the trusted steel you use to keep your valuables safe.


Some of the earliest references to locking mechanisms in fact comes (more…)

Additional Security for Combination Locks

Combination locks are about as old as safes themselves and have been a staple of security for centuries. The first known combination lock was found in a Roman tomb though more reliable historical examples are attributed to a manual published by Muslim engineer Al-Jazari in 1206. Since then there have been multitudes of different innovations and additional security features added to make them more reliable. Here we’ll look at how modern combination locks have upped the security and what to look for when you want some additional security for your own combination lock.

Basic Types

There are two basic types of combination locks (more…)

Safe Overview: GS592820 Second Amendment Gun Safe

The Safe & Vault Store’s own brand Second Amendment gun safe is a solid take on a timeless design and does exactly what it advertises. The basic concept is a classic gun cabinet with tiered shelving and a large capacity for long guns. Additionally this safe comes with more than sufficient burglar and fire protection. The biggest perk, however, is the price. Here we’ll look at some of the basic specifications so you can see just what you’d be getting with the Safe & Vault Store Second Amendment Gun Safe.


Outside: 59.00” H x 28.00” W x 20.00” D

Inside: 55.00” H x (more…)

What Makes a Good Padlock?

Owning a decent padlock might just be one of the best investments you make. There’s a ton of great applications for a good padlock and if you shop smartly you can cut out some of the inherent weaknesses found in cheaper models. There’s even times when you’ll find yourself having to secure thousands of dollars of good behind a padlock (i.e. storage containers or a nice bicycle) so it might just be a good idea to do some research and get the most out of your money. So, here we’ll look at just what it takes to make a strong padlock (more…)

Modern Safe Cracking Tools

While safes have come a long way since their inception so too have the tools that are used to break and pry them open. While once upon a time a crowbar may have been enough to crack any fancy safe in the land this isn’t the case anymore. Safes are quickly getting thicker, stronger, and more secure but so too are the tools that are being used to crack them. From plasma torches to thermite there are a lot of unique and powerful ways to break into safes nowadays. Are safes really secure anymore? Here we’ll look at some of the more interesting (more…)

Glass Plate Relockers

Glass plate relockers represent the pinnacle of safe security and a great option to protect your valuables from unwanted intruders. While once these may have been the stuff of fiction and heist movies the technology has finally trickled down to the average consumer and can be found in almost any top of the line safe available today. So, how do glass plate relockers work? Here we’ll go into some of the basics of operation and why glass plate relockers are able to drastically increase the security of your home safe.

How Do They Work?

Glass plate relockers are one of the state of (more…)

Safe Cracking 101

While once upon a time safe cracking had a certain elegance to its intricacy, but the game has changed and modern safecrackers have replaced patience and a steady hand with heavy machinery and proper tools. While the art may be lost, the practice is just as prolific as ever. What exactly does it take to break into a modern safe? In truth, every safe has a different approach but here we’ll look at some common techniques that are regularly used to crack modern safes. Hopefully this information can help you understand both the strengths as well as the vulnerabilities of modern (more…)

Locking Mechanism Options

In this modern age there are many options for different locking mechanisms for your home safe, lock box or vault ranging from the classic combination or key locks to the more sophisticated and modern biometric and electronic locks. Here you will find a brief overview of your different options for locking your safe.

Key Locks

The oldest and perhaps most classic of your options is the key lock. While it is perhaps the most simple it may not be the most secure and lacks many features that those seeking ultimate security may desire. The pros of a key lock is the fact that you (more…)