Are burglar & fire safes replacing the safe deposit box?

Many banks are discontinuing the long-standing service of renting safe deposit boxes to their customers. Bank of America has done away with boxes at a number of locations. The majority of large banks are opening new branches in which they don’t offer them at all. Banks are now focusing on other products and the safe deposit box is no longer considered to be a profit generator. In the UK, the two major High Street banks – HSBC and Barclays – have closed their vaults to deposit boxes, and it is expected that many other banks will follow suit.  

Consumers do so (more…)

Renting safe deposit boxes to your customers

It seems that the use of safe deposit boxes is becoming more rare. With more people owning safes that they keep in their home, the need to rent out a deposit box from a bank is not as common. A recent survey showed that only six percent of bank customers rent a deposit box. One-third of the customers are over 65. These customers have rented their safe deposit boxes for decades and still enjoy the comfort of visiting the bank several times a month to look in on their family property deeds, birth certificates, and jewelry. They like the feeling of (more…)

The Importance of Safes for Businesses

The Top Five Safes for Security and Peace of Mind

Regardless of its size and output, most companies routinely handle delicate information, important documents, cash, and valuable assets. Because of this, businesses are at increased risk for the loss of documents, personal information and funds through theft or fire. Fortunately, it is easy to mitigate these risks by choosing a high-quality safe to protect business assets. These five types of safes offer multi-purpose security and peace of mind for businesses both large and small:

1) Fire File Cabinets

Regardless of how paperless the future may be, every business is still going to have important (more…)

Jewelry Maintenance

Jewelry is an ever popular candidate for secure storage but too often is left forgotten without proper maintenance. While the bulk of its value will be maintained over time there are a few important facets worth noting that can help keep your jewelry in its optimal condition. Here we will go into some important details for jewelry maintenance with a few tips to help you retain value and keep your jewelry looking its best.


One thing worth noting is that when jewelry is used and worn it’s very possible for personal care products like makeup and hair care products to cause your (more…)

Bank Deposit Boxes

Bank deposit boxes have been used for centuries as a method for keeping personal valuables safe. It makes perfect sense because banks offer incredible security that is hard to match at home; but, there are some downsides to deposit boxes and there are many items that are better kept in a home safe. Some of the drawbacks of bank deposit boxes include a lack of twenty four hour access and very limited space restrictions. Furthermore, bank deposit boxes require a yearly fee that can add up over time. While safe deposit boxes may be perfect for certain valuables there are many (more…)

Safe Deposit Box Storage

A safe deposit box (sometimes incorrectly called a safety deposit box) is a type of safe usually located in groups inside a bank vault or in the back of a bank or post office. They are also used in hospitality applications such as hotels/motels and grocery stores. In the typical arrangement, a renter pays the bank a fee for the use of the box, which can be opened only with production of the assigned key, the bank’s guard key, the proper signature, or perhaps a code of some sort. Safe deposit boxes are made to be highly “resistant” to fire, flood, (more…)