Types of safes your new business may need

You know you ought to have a safe. But what kind?

Not sure what types of safes would work best for your business? There are a number of different options, with differing capabilities. The best safe for you will depend on the what you specifically need to protect – whether it’s cash, sensitive documents, or other valuables.

Here are some of the different safe types you might consider.

Depository safe

Hayman Depository SafeMost business will buy a depository safe – designed to hold deposits of cash or important documents for a limited amount of time. These safes are built to safeguard against theft, rather than fire. Businesses (more…)

Hollon Safes Security Education

Let’s take a couple of minutes and allow me to educate  you on the different types of Hollon Safes and security levels. Then let’s start with a line up of 4 types of safes starting with a TL-15, than a fire & burglary, followed our B-rated cash safe and an office safe last. The first one I want to introduce is the TL-15 category.

Hollon TL-15 Safes

The letters TL stand for tool. Have you ever been into a bank and seen that vault over there in the corner? That is an insurable UL rated vault and the TL-15 is also an insurable (more…)

Live Robbery – Eurovault Safe holds up in live robbery

Check out this video of a live robbery attempt on a Eurovault / International Fortress Safe line. This safe was bolted down using the standard SIP (Security Installation Platform) that comes with the SC and TL15 series safes. As you can see in the video, they were unsuccessful at trying to pry the safe from the floor as well as take a sledgehammer to the door. If this safe wasn’t bolted down or just bolted down without the SIP platform, they may have been successful at removing it from the premises.

After giving it everything they had, they left exhausted and the (more…)

The Safety Dance [Infographic]

A Guide to Finding the Perfect Safe

When shopping for a safe it is often difficult to decide which has the best value for your money, and provides the best protection for your valuables. There are a lot of options out there, and while a High Security Burglar Fire Safe will undoubtedly protect anything you put in it, perhaps it is a little overboard if you are simply protecting documents. Fortunately, Safe & Vault Store has you covered. With Safe & Vault Store’s The Safety Dance Infographic below, find the ideal safe for your valuables. Just answer the simple questions and be (more…)

Locking Bolts, are they secure?

You might think that a safe containing locking bolts is a safe that is secure enough to handle your priceless possessions. You might also think that locking bolts will protect in the event of a burglary. Due to the many different types of locking bolts and bolt formations the answers might surprise you.Locking Bolt

It is a common fact that most safes contain locking bolts. When you are looking to buy a safe with secure locking bolts you will want to consider some key components. Housing, material, re-locking devices and diameters are all considerable factors when it comes to understanding how well the (more…)

Alternative Safe Anchors

Anchoring your safe is one of the simplest yet most effective preventative methods you can take to keep your valuables safe (aside from the quality of your safe). Anchoring ensures that your safe cannot be easily lifted out and cracked at the burglar’s convenience. Some safes will come with an anchor kit. Almost all safes will have the infrastructure available to be anchored. However, sometimes the stock anchor kit isn’t always the most secure option. There are a number of different methods used to anchor safes with varying levels of effectiveness. Here we’ll look at some different ways to make sure (more…)

Locking Mechanism Options

In this modern age there are many options for different locking mechanisms for your home safe, lock box or vault ranging from the classic combination or key locks to the more sophisticated and modern biometric and electronic locks. Here you will find a brief overview of your different options for locking your safe.

Key Locks

The oldest and perhaps most classic of your options is the key lock. While it is perhaps the most simple it may not be the most secure and lacks many features that those seeking ultimate security may desire. The pros of a key lock is the fact that you (more…)

What kind of safe does a millionaire use?

Most of us will never come near to knowing what it is like to live the life of a millionaire. I could argue that money isn’t everything, but I’d sure like to give being a millionaire a try for a while. For those who were either born with the right last name, won the lottery, or they worked darned hard and were smart about how they invested their money, you demand only the best.

For those who demand the utmost in quality and protection, a German company, Doettling and Sctotkinger, manufacture a luxury class safe that is a beauty to behold. But (more…)

Underwriters Laboratory Safe Testing

Underwriters Laboratory (U.L) is a product safety testing and certification organization that develops standards for many products, materials, components, assemblies, tools and equipment.  More than six billion U.L. labels are printed and placed on products each year. They also certify and test many types of safes to make sure they meet certain requirements for fire and theft. Underwriters Laboratory testing is the toughest in the industry, and only equipment that meets their requirements carries their label. Many safe manufactures will have their safes tested at a private laboratory to save money; however, U.L. testing is the real standard of product (more…)

Breaking Open a Safe Isn’t as Easy as You Think

How to break open a safe is usually a question only thieves and locksmiths think about. Anyone looking at purchasing a safe should be thinking about this question too. No, you won’t be breaking into a safe, but you want to keep the burglars from breaking into yours. With just a little knowledge, you can protect yourself and your belongings from even the most sophisticated burglar. Here are some things to keep in mind when purchasing a safe:

Breaking into a safe like in the movies.

Safe burglaries are often depicted in the movies as a simple process that takes seconds and ding (more…)