New Gun for Christmas? Here’s How to stay safe

Merry Christmas! You’ve just gotten a new gun – perhaps your first gun ever. But with great power comes great responsibility. We’ll teach you how to care for your gun – preserving the weapon’s value and keeping yourself safe.

Loading and unloading safely

Gun for ChristmasThe first and most important order of business is to become familiar with safe loading and reloading. Carefully read all instructions that come with your firearm. Always assume that your weapon is loaded. Always check and recheck the chamber to make sure it is clear.

Firearms veterans will know this, but newcomers may not: Just because you remove the magazine from (more…)

Gun Gifts for Girls this Christmas

Looking to find a gift for a gun-loving gal? Sure you could just buy in M&P Shield in pink, but she may regard that as patronizing (even though the M&P Shield is an awesome CCW weapon). No, it’s time to get a little more creative. In this article we’ll cover some great ideas for the gun-loving lady in your life.

Pistols for Girls

Girl with a gunA pistol is a great gift. First of all, unless you’re buying a HK pistol, you won’t have to break the bank like you might for a rifle or a shotgun. Also, if you buy a rifle for someone who doesn’t (more…)

Carry your key with you at all times with a biometric safe

Liberty HDX-250Biometric safes are the only type of safe where there is no key or combination to lose. Certainly there are pros and cons to using this type of safe, but those two benefits by themselves are extremely powerful.

  • You never have to worry about being unable to open your gun safe in an extremely high pressure situation (like a home invasion).
  • You never have to worry that a child will find the key or learn the combination, gaining access to your dangerous weapons.
  • You never have to worry that the key will become lost, meaning you will have to call upon (more…)

Handgun Security – Protect Your Gun, Protect Yourself, Protect Your Community

A big part of being a responsible gun owner is keeping your weapons safe. Handguns, in particular, can be very deadly in the wrong hands. In this article, we’ll cover some tips for handgun security.

Handgun security and gun safes

Liberty HDX-250First things first, you’ll want a gun safe for your handgun that balances your need for security, with a need to quickly retrieve the weapon in emergency situations.

Biometric handgun vaults are great for this purpose. Storing a single handgun, you can just use your fingerprints to open the safe and have your gun in hand in matter of seconds.

Of course, biometric isn’t (more…)

Security options for gun safes that you need to know

FB-52KD-06_1_largeWhat are the security options for gun safes? There are so many questions a gun owner needs to ask themselves when choosing a safe. Do you want a biometric or keypad lock? Do you want a safe that’s built for quick access or maximum security? Are you looking for a handgun vault, or a gun cabinet suitable for storing an arsenal?

A gun safe is more than a big hunk of metal with a lock. It’s an investment in responsible gun ownership. Given that, it’s worth making sure you have all the features that you need.

Security options for gun safes – what (more…)

Keeping your gun safe accessible while also away from your family

parents not keep gun in safe place, children can have gun for accident. safety conceptHow do you keep your gun safe accessible in the event of emergency, but away from the reach of a determined child or teenager? It’s harder than one might think, but this is a riddle that responsible, gun owners with families must tackle. The answer is to use the right equipment.

How to keep your gun safe accessible

Obviously, a large gun cabinet or rifle safe will never be very portable. But specific types of safes provide great options to balance accessibility and safety.

  • Under bed gun safes: Perhaps the most obvious choice for accessibility, these secure safes can be easily stored under the (more…)

Buying a Gun? Don’t Forget About These 3 Important Aspects

Whether you’re a police officer, member of the military, hunter, or just a civilian who keeps a gun in your home for protection, it’s essential that you understand how big a responsibility owning a gun is. They are not for everybody and you should be extremely safe in regards to your gun both when it’s on your person and when it’s inside your home.

3 Aspects of Gun Safety

Here are a few things you should keep in mind if you’re a new gun owner.

Get a biometric handgun safe

Keeping your gun safely locked away is the most important aspect of gun ownership. Obviously, you don’t want (more…)

The best gun safes for police and military

Securing equipment, such as guns and ammunition, is a must for law enforcement. Gun safes for police departments need to be sturdy as well as portable. Officers want to be able to transport their equipment, but in a secure manner. They need gun safes that can be stowed in their vehicles, but will be readily accessible when duty calls. The military need gun safes that are reliable and portable as well. It is top priority to keep firearms locked and secure, to make sure they don’t end up in the wrong hands.

SecureIt Tactical FB-40-01Gun safes are made to fit a variety of purposes and (more…)

Protect and safeguard your assets by choosing the best gun safe

Keeping your guns safe and secure when not in use is an absolute must. This is especially true in these uncertain times for several reasons. It is obviously important to store guns in a secure place, so that they won’t end up in the wrong hands. This includes children and other people who are in your home.

In one study it was shown that 85% of parents who owned guns did not store them safely. Every year there are reports of tragic accidents due to children getting a hold of a gun in the home. Even in homes without children it (more…)

What to look for in a biometric handgun safe

One of the biggest considerations gun owners face is where to safely store the weapon when it’s not in use. The majority of states and many municipalities have laws regulating how guns are stored. Failure to comply often exposes gun owners to legal penalties, especially if an accident happens.

Many handgun owners elect to store their weapons in a small handgun safe, as a way of keeping their pistol out of the wrong hands – whether a child or a thief.

Pistol safes have traditionally featured a combination or digital lock. But in a stressful situation, such as a home invasion, punching in (more…)