Types of safes your new business may need

You know you ought to have a safe. But what kind?

Not sure what types of safes would work best for your business? There are a number of different options, with differing capabilities. The best safe for you will depend on the what you specifically need to protect – whether it’s cash, sensitive documents, or other valuables.

Here are some of the different safe types you might consider.

Depository safe

Hayman Depository SafeMost business will buy a depository safe – designed to hold deposits of cash or important documents for a limited amount of time. These safes are built to safeguard against theft, rather than fire. Businesses (more…)

The Safety Dance [Infographic]

A Guide to Finding the Perfect Safe

When shopping for a safe it is often difficult to decide which has the best value for your money, and provides the best protection for your valuables. There are a lot of options out there, and while a High Security Burglar Fire Safe will undoubtedly protect anything you put in it, perhaps it is a little overboard if you are simply protecting documents. Fortunately, Safe & Vault Store has you covered. With Safe & Vault Store’s The Safety Dance Infographic below, find the ideal safe for your valuables. Just answer the simple questions and be (more…)

Depository Safes Video

We’re lucky enough to have a wonderful manager here at SafeandVaultStore.com. Dye Hawley, “Dye the Safe Guy” has put together some very useful videos to help our customers understand some of the basics of safe ownership and use in your home or business. We’ve shown you some of these videos before (and for your reference, you can find additional videos on our YouTube channel found here or on our website under the section market “Buying Advice” and “Product Videos”) but we think they’re very helpful in making the decision to buy a safe or not.

Enjoy the video and as always, feel (more…)

Buying Commercial Depository Safe To Help Protect You Business

Earning money takes one a lot of hard work, time and effort. For this reason, protecting one’s money is very important to both home owners and businesses, alike. There is no better way to protect this money than by keeping it securely locked inside a depository safe. These safes are a valuable asset to any business, whether that business is large or small. Depository safes are safes that allow a person to deposit money into and withdraw money from the safe without actually opening it.

These are great for high-volume businesses that rely on speed, safety and easy access to change such (more…)

How Can A Depository Safe Protect My Business?

Today’s small business owners and managers often underestimate the need for a depository safe since they do not feel as though they are dealing daily with a large amount of cash funds. Many also feel secure due to the fact that because they are a small salon or shop, that they are at a lower risk of being robbed, and decide to leave their cash right in the registers over night. However, if they do unfortunately become a victim of a break in robbery, the cash register is the first place a thief will look and it takes only seconds to (more…)

How Depository Safes Protect Your Business

You have worked hard to build up your business and earn a profit. That is not an easy task and you want to protect those earnings as best you can. Because of this, the safety of your assets is a high priority for you and your business. There are few better concrete ways to protect your assets than with depository safes. These safes are not intended for use solely for personal wealth and are commonly found in businesses for a variety of purposes.

Having a safe for your business is a prudent choice which will increase your business’s security. With proper care, (more…)

Protect your business with a Deposit Safe

Deposit safes are an important tool in protecting your cash from thieves and even from employees thinking about stealing money from your company. It can be hard to decide which one is right for you because they come in different sizes, have different types of money drops, and have several lock options to choose from. Depository safes are used for “short term” storage of cash until a bank deposit can be made because these safes provide minimal burglary resistance. They have access portals (holes) in them to deposit money and other items of value. These holes represent a decrease in security (more…)

Top Ten Robbery Prevention Tips for Businesses

A robbery is one of the most serious and potentially dangerous crimes committed in the United States today. A robber commits a holdup because he or she believes that their profit will be worth the risk. Statistics show that criminal activity is increasing at an alarming rate especially armed robbery. Each year, thousands of people are victims of this crime and many are attacked violently. Using these tips, you can help reduce the possibility of retail store armed robbery and protect the safety of employees and customers.

Here are the top ten robbery prevention tips for businesses.

In general, high (more…)

Who Would Steal from a Church?

Who would steal from a Church? According to dozens of reports, several people have and believe it or not it is usually an inside job.

Watch this video on a Priest accused of stealing money from his parish.

This includes a Priest in Seattle caught stealing from his Church and a young alter boy in the Midwest who was caught pocketing money left by Parishioners. It’s a tough pill to swallow thinking about someone sinking low enough to steal from a Church, but like any business where cash is being handled, it’s tempting to pocket the money.

A good way for most Churches to avoid (more…)

Employee Theft and Depository Safes

A news article from the University of Florida shows that employee theft tops the list of what businesses call “inventory shrinkage.” Employee theft beat out shoplifting as the primary reason for business inventory losses. It goes on to state that businesses lose nearly $26 billion each year due to inventory shrinkage.


“Employee theft was at the highest levels that we have seen in the eight years we have conducted this survey,” said Richard C. Hollinger, director of the University of Florida’s Security Research Project, which conducts the survey. “While the average shoplifting incident costs the retailer $212.68, an employee theft averages $1,058.20 (more…)