Burn Temperature for Common Materials

One important consideration when purchasing a fire resistant safe is what degree of protection your valuables require and which fire rating will most closely correspond to your needs. In order to make the most out of your safe it’s a good idea to know what you will be storing inside and also the approximate burn temperatures for your valuables. Here we’ll look at some common items and the maximum temperatures they can reach before they autoignite, melt, or are otherwise rendered inoperable.


Thanks to Ray Bradbury’s famous novel about censorship most of us know the temperature that will make paper will autoignite. (more…)

Data Media Safes

Storing digital media is quickly becoming more and more important in the hi-tech modern world of today. Thankfully digital storage is getting cheaper but one aspect that is often forgotten is securing such storage devices so that they will be safe from fire, water, and theft. Often times digital media has a greater actual and sentimental value than many traditional valuables. Additionally, digital media is usually much more sensitive than the typical mainstays of home safes and necessitates special care from heat and humidity. Here we’ll look at some of the basic options that are available for securing your digital data (more…)

Tips for Storing Electronic Equipment

Modern electronics are quickly becoming smaller, more efficient, and more expensive. There may come a time soon when pound for pound your gadgets out value your gold and jewelry. While already a commonplace item for home and commercial safes, electronic equipment and gadgets require a few special considerations when being stored for extended periods of time. Here we’ll look at some of the basic techniques that you can use to make sure that your electronic equipment survives storage and retains its value and functionality.

How to Store Electronics

When storing electronic equipment it is important to wipe down and properly clean your equipment (more…)

Data, Media, Photograph Safes

Many safe consumers assume that sensitive items such as hard drives, DVD’s or photographs can be stored in a standard fireproof safe and that these items will be protected. This is false and if those items were to be stored in such a safe, they would be damaged from a fire or some climatic change. The kind of safe that is specifically designed to hold these items and protect them is called a data/media safe or a data/media file cabinet. They can be purchased as a standalone safe or one to place inside of another safe for extra protection. There are (more…)