The Importance of Safes for Businesses

The Top Five Safes for Security and Peace of Mind

Regardless of its size and output, most companies routinely handle delicate information, important documents, cash, and valuable assets. Because of this, businesses are at increased risk for the loss of documents, personal information and funds through theft or fire. Fortunately, it is easy to mitigate these risks by choosing a high-quality safe to protect business assets. These five types of safes offer multi-purpose security and peace of mind for businesses both large and small:

1) Fire File Cabinets

Regardless of how paperless the future may be, every business is still going to have important (more…)

Electric Strikes

Electric strikes present an interesting method for managing your door security with a number of options that go above and beyond the typical deadbolts that have been a mainstay in the past. How exactly do electric strikes work though? In the past there has been a bit of hesitancy towards electric strikes in terms of fire and disaster safety but that needn’t be the case with modern fail-safe amendments that we’ll further investigate. There are a lot of different ways to configure your doors’ electric strikes and some interesting potential with modern home automation. Here we’ll look at some of the (more…)

DVR Surveillance Systems

Digital video recording security systems are quickly becoming the standard for home and business surveillance thanks to a recent renaissance in the required technology. Nowadays you can fit a terabyte of data on a thumb drive and digital compatibility abounds from everything from your television to your smartphone. Finally you can reap the benefits of the dawn of the digital age and get your home or business effortlessly wired with high quality digital imaging systems to really up security and protect your investments. The real story here, however, is the compatibility modern surveillance has with your smartphone. You can now monitor (more…)

Robbery Deterrence Manual

Here are a couple of helpful hints to think about when assessing your likelihood of being robbed in your home or business. For full manual, please download the PDF from Safe and Vault

Focus on the “big picture” and some of the deterrence measures that can be taken based on the neighborhood surroundings.
Enlist cooperation and support from your community. Become sensitive to your community’s attitudes. Contact representatives from city departments such as:
• ? Parks
• ? Streets
• ? Police
• ? Lighting
• ? Youth group organizers
Working with your community and increasing your awareness of robbery deterrence procedures will help make (more…)

Top Bank Heists

Most robbers you hear about are usually bumbling fools – down on their luck, just looking to make a quick buck. But back in the day there were some seriously inspired robbers – we’ve seen movies about them, read books, and now I have a great list for you of the top ten heist stories . Now, I know that we’re here to help you protect your home or business from robbers like these, but sometimes when you see the creativity, ingenuity, and sheer amount of planning that went into these heists, you can’t help but root for the bad guy. (more…)

Buying Commercial Depository Safe To Help Protect You Business

Earning money takes one a lot of hard work, time and effort. For this reason, protecting one’s money is very important to both home owners and businesses, alike. There is no better way to protect this money than by keeping it securely locked inside a depository safe. These safes are a valuable asset to any business, whether that business is large or small. Depository safes are safes that allow a person to deposit money into and withdraw money from the safe without actually opening it.

These are great for high-volume businesses that rely on speed, safety and easy access to change such (more…)

Choosing A Floor Safe For My Business

Obtaining a floor safe for your business is a good sound decision. It can provide maximum security for your business papers, agreements, asset lists and valuables in the case of burglary or fire. It is out of sight, very hard to remove from the premises, and being in the floor it is not susceptible to flames. It is not without its drawbacks, however, and some considerations should be made.

The typical considerations are: installation expense, inaccessibility and sometimes, these safes are prone to water damage in the case of a fire. It’s good to plan ahead for a wall safe, as installation (more…)

Is Buying An Electronic Safe A Good Idea

For both families and businesses alike, keeping ones cash and valuables is an extremely important matter. Keeping these valuables safe and secure in an electronic safe will bring peace of mind to anyone. By determining ones needs and researching the available options, one will find a safe to suit his or her needs.

There are several options available for safe entry. These options include keys, electronic digital keypad and combination. One can also choose to have that added touch of extra security by choosing a dual-security safe. These safes need two forms of entry such as a key and combination, a (more…)

How Depository Safes Protect Your Business

You have worked hard to build up your business and earn a profit. That is not an easy task and you want to protect those earnings as best you can. Because of this, the safety of your assets is a high priority for you and your business. There are few better concrete ways to protect your assets than with depository safes. These safes are not intended for use solely for personal wealth and are commonly found in businesses for a variety of purposes.

Having a safe for your business is a prudent choice which will increase your business’s security. With proper care, (more…)

A Burglar isn’t your friend – don’t be his friend

It continually amazes me that after over 20 years in the security business, people visit our store and tell us that they have been burglarized for the third time. Call it bad luck but it keeps us in business.

Seth Godin recently wrote an article about “Helping Your Customers Avoid Taking Responsibility.” Within the article Seth writes about how society would rather blame someone or something for their bad luck. It seems logical to me that we’d rather push the responsibility elsewhere instead of looking in the mirror and admitting that there’s no one to blame but ourselves. Book a family trip (more…)