Wall Gun Safes: Easy access and safety all in one

Gun owners may know there’s always a tension between the need to keep guns securely locked away when they’re not in use and the need to access weapons quickly in an emergency. But with some of the newest models of wall gun safes, there’s no longer a need to compromise. A wall gun safe with an electronic or biometric lock can offer easy access and safety at the same time.

Biometric Wall Safe

Easy access wall safes

In the middle of the night, when your heart is racing, it can be surprisingly difficult to insert and turn a key into a lock. Combination locks can prove (more…)

Carry your key with you at all times with a biometric safe

Liberty HDX-250Biometric safes are the only type of safe where there is no key or combination to lose. Certainly there are pros and cons to using this type of safe, but those two benefits by themselves are extremely powerful.

  • You never have to worry about being unable to open your gun safe in an extremely high pressure situation (like a home invasion).
  • You never have to worry that a child will find the key or learn the combination, gaining access to your dangerous weapons.
  • You never have to worry that the key will become lost, meaning you will have to call upon (more…)

4 Tips to Protect Your Home From Theft

There are approximately 2 million reported home burglaries each year in the United States. There is no telling how many additional burglaries go unreported, as well. If you’re a homeowner, one of your main responsibilities is to keep your family, your home, and all the valuable items inside safe from harm or theft. Here are a few tips for protecting your property that will keep your home, family, and items safe and secure.

  1. Tracker Biometric SafeUse biometric safes for smaller valuable itemsBiometric safes are great for keeping your items safe and locked away. Criminals are crafty and know what to look (more…)

Buying a Gun? Don’t Forget About These 3 Important Aspects

Whether you’re a police officer, member of the military, hunter, or just a civilian who keeps a gun in your home for protection, it’s essential that you understand how big a responsibility owning a gun is. They are not for everybody and you should be extremely safe in regards to your gun both when it’s on your person and when it’s inside your home.

3 Aspects of Gun Safety

Here are a few things you should keep in mind if you’re a new gun owner.

Get a biometric handgun safe

Keeping your gun safely locked away is the most important aspect of gun ownership. Obviously, you don’t want (more…)

What to look for in a biometric handgun safe

One of the biggest considerations gun owners face is where to safely store the weapon when it’s not in use. The majority of states and many municipalities have laws regulating how guns are stored. Failure to comply often exposes gun owners to legal penalties, especially if an accident happens.

Many handgun owners elect to store their weapons in a small handgun safe, as a way of keeping their pistol out of the wrong hands – whether a child or a thief.

Pistol safes have traditionally featured a combination or digital lock. But in a stressful situation, such as a home invasion, punching in (more…)

Overview – Liberty HDX-250 Smart Vault Biometric Pistol Safe Video

Hi, Dye the Safe Guy here, Dye Hawley manger of Safe & Vault Store.com. We are here today to talk about the Liberty HDX-250. The HDX-250 is a biometric pistol and gun safe. It will hold up to 2 handguns along with ammo and clips.  The dimensions are 7″ tall, 11″ wide and 12″ deep. This safe was formally made by 9G Industries out of Kansas. This is 100% USA product. Liberty bought them out awhile back and they’ve really gone out and improved this product. It has a very attractive powder coating finish.

It also has 15 users that you can (more…)

Overview – Liberty HDX-150 Smart Vault Biometric Pistol Safe Video

Hi, Dye the Safe Guy, Manager of Safe & Vault Store.com. I am here today to talk to you about the Liberty HDX-150 pistol safe. This safe has some very unique features. The HDX-150 is designed for 1 handgun. It is 2.5″ high, 8.5″ wide and 11.5″ long. It also features a biometric lock with quick 1 second access. This biometric lock works by using your forefinger and pulling it across the lock sensor.

In addition, in case there was a failure of this lock, there is a key override that will open it up as shown here. The interior has very (more…)

Product Overview: Barska AX11620 Biometric Safe

If you want to talk about some terrific enhancements to your security, look no further than biometrics. What better security can you think of then a lock which opens with nothing more than just your fingerprint? It’s secure, convenient, and easy to remember! Naturally, when you are in a position to make the extra investment, you have to make sure that it will work properly and you don’t have to worry about things like hacking. For biometric safes, the Barska AX11620 compact is without compare.

The Best Way to Help Your Items Stay Safe

Combining the high-tech features of the best biometric systems (more…)

Biometric Handgun Safes: Are they reliable?

Biometric technology and fingerprint recognition locks have grown in popularity in recent years due to September 11th. Because of the increased security concerns, the United States government has become a strong advocate of this technology for the future. Biometrics is the study of methods for uniquely recognizing humans based upon physical or behavioral traits. There are many ways it is used for including face, fingerprint, hand and iris recognition. Since this technology is still relativity new, it has problems that all new technologies share.

The safe industry has moved into the biometric technology future by making safes that use fingerprint reader technology (more…)