American Security Gun Safe Reviews

Buying a gun safe can be a difficult task. There is so much information on the Internet and it’s hard to decipher what is what. There are different options for fire ratings, burglar ratings, thickness of steel, colors, locks and different shelving options.  The most common question we get asked about gun safes is, which brand should I select? Safe & Vault Store recommends selecting one of the AMSEC BF series gun safes because of their quality and because they are made in the USA. We also make it easy to find a perfect safe for you because of our large number of (more…)

Our Favorite American-Made Safe Manufacturers

Safe and Vault Store stocks top-shelf American-Made gun safes, from gun safe manufacturers including American Security, Fort Knox, and Browning. All three of these exceptional brands made the Best Gun Safe Reviews listing on The Handgun Podcast. These brands are some of our most-requested holiday gifts; their durability makes them a long-lasting addition to any household. Buying a gun safe is an investment and not something we do every year, so the conceptual design and construction quality are of paramount importance to purchasers.

Let’s look individually at the three gun safe manufacturers we believe are our best picks for the 2016 holiday (more…)

Advantages of the AMSEC BF6030 Gun and Rifle Safe

Every gun owner understands how important it is to keep firearms safe and secure. From preventing unwanted entry and stopping theft in its tracks to ensuring that rare, expensive, or cherished guns remain intact and in impeccable condition, there’s nothing more important than security.

Because of this, purchasing a gun safe is a priority for many dedicated gun owners. While there are hundreds, if not thousands, of gun safes on the market, none does its job quite so well as the AMSEC BF6030 Gun and Rifle Safe. Designed to offer stunning good looks and truly unparalleled security for your handguns and rifles, (more…)