Tips For Safely Storing Your Firearms In An Apartment

One of the most important factors of owning a firearm is keeping it safe and secure for the protection of the people around you. This can seem challenging when you live in an apartment building rather than a house where you may otherwise be able to store your firearm in a gun safe in your garage.

Fortunately, there are ways you can store your firearm in an apartment without risking the safety of your kids or loved ones. Here are a few security tips for storing a firearm in your own apartment.

Use a gun safe

Gun safes are the safest option for all (more…)

4 Ways Your Store Can Benefit From A Smart Safe

A critical part of running an effective business is money management. Safety and security are essential in business and nothing keeps your organization’s money quite as secure as a safe.

However, while average wall safes and floor safes may be adequate for securing handguns and jewelry at home, they can often be inefficient in retail stores. This is because business owners have to keep track of the money put into and taken out of the safe in addition to security.

Consequently, consider the following reasons why your business may benefit from investing in a smart safe rather than your average burglar fire safe.


Harsh Weather – Stronger Safes

Safes aren’t just for burglaries anymore. In fact, their biggest utility may lie in protecting against Mother Nature herself. Fireproof and waterproof safes and chests can safeguard your most valuable items when everything else goes up in flames. In this article, we’ll share some details about how fireproof safes and waterproof chests operate.

Fireproof safes and their features

Gardall Fireproof SafeJust how fireproof is a fireproof safe? And how can you tell? It’s all about the fire rating.

A fireproof safe is constructed from a double-walled steel body with a cavity filled with fire-resistant composite. Depending on the brand, this composite may be perlite, vermiculite, or (more…)

Advantages of floor safes: They Can’t Take What They Can’t Move

So a thief can’t pick the lock on your safe, and they can’t penetrate the steel. What do they do? They take the entire safe home and work on it there. Even very heavy safes can be vulnerable to this tactic when a prepared thief comes by. But floor safes are completely immune. They can’t take what they can’t move.

Advantages of floor safes

AMSEC Floor SafesBecause floor safes are immobile, they are inherently more secure against burglary than other safe types. Beyond that, they have a number of useful advantages that make floor safes an option worth considering for any home or business owner.

Keep your family safe during the holidays

‘Tis the season, and you know what that means: An increased threat from ski mask-wearing grinches bent on ruining your holidays. No really, it’s a time for mirth and good cheer. But the fact is that December is the peak month for house robberies. Here’s how to keep your family safe during the holidays.

The Deal with December

Holiday Home with snowNow we don’t want to alarm anyone. The uptick in crime during December is regional, and on average the likelihood of being victimized is not very much greater than in other months. However, people do leave their homes during the holidays. Packages are left (more…)

Wall Gun Safes: Easy access and safety all in one

Gun owners may know there’s always a tension between the need to keep guns securely locked away when they’re not in use and the need to access weapons quickly in an emergency. But with some of the newest models of wall gun safes, there’s no longer a need to compromise. A wall gun safe with an electronic or biometric lock can offer easy access and safety at the same time.

Biometric Wall Safe

Easy access wall safes

In the middle of the night, when your heart is racing, it can be surprisingly difficult to insert and turn a key into a lock. Combination locks can prove (more…)

New Gun for Christmas? Here’s How to stay safe

Merry Christmas! You’ve just gotten a new gun – perhaps your first gun ever. But with great power comes great responsibility. We’ll teach you how to care for your gun – preserving the weapon’s value and keeping yourself safe.

Loading and unloading safely

Gun for ChristmasThe first and most important order of business is to become familiar with safe loading and reloading. Carefully read all instructions that come with your firearm. Always assume that your weapon is loaded. Always check and recheck the chamber to make sure it is clear.

Firearms veterans will know this, but newcomers may not: Just because you remove the magazine from (more…)

Hollon Gun Safe Security Rating Comparisons Video

Do you know gun safe security? Let’s take a couple minutes and allow me to educate you a little on the different types of gun safes and security levels. Then, let’s start with a lineup of four types of safes. Starting with the high security TL-15, then a RSC or Residential Security Container, followed by a thinner steel RSC and then a 12 gauge gun safe.

The first I want to introduce is the TL-15 category. The letters TL stand for tool. Have you ever been to a bank and seen that vault in the corner. That is an insurable UL rated (more…)

Hayman Everglades RSC Gun Safes Video

Hayman EvergladeHi, Dye the Safe Guy, Dye Hawley manager of Safe & Vault Store here to talk today about the Hayman Safe Company Everglades gun safe line. This is their economical gun safe line, but even though it’s priced very competitively, it has features of a higher priced safe. The Everglades has safes all the way from 6 cubic feet on up to 33 cubic feet. There are 5 safes in this line. It has a nice attractive black coating of paint – 5 layers. It also comes with your choice of either the digital lock by Securam which is a UL (more…)

Hollon Black Hawk Series Gun Safes Video

Hollon Black Hawk Gun SafeThe Hollon Black Hawk Series Gun Safe offers strength in design and strength in quality that puts a stop to theft and fire. Designed with 10 gauge steel makes this safe 30% thicker steel than most competing brands in our industry. Plus an added steel plate on the interior of the door. Our door is an overall 5″ thick barrier that withstands crowbar attacks and prybar attacks. Reinforced with multiple solid steel chrome plated 1-1/2″ thick massive bolts that are thicker and longer than the industry standard for high security gun safes. Our bolts are placed at a full circumference all (more…)